Myth: My daily workouts at the gym will prevent back pain

Truth:  An unfortunate reality is that one of the more common reasons that people come to my office is for back pain that occurred as a result of exercising at the gym or at home

I see patients often perplexed by the fact that they take care of their bodies when an “unfit Joe” they know seems to get by with no back trouble at all.

The truth is that someone hitting the gym every day without using proper technique or doing the correct spine sparing exercises during their workout, will develop cumulative trauma in their discs. Repeatedly bending your back at the gym, followed by long periods of sitting at work, chased down with poorly executed daily tasks such as getting dressed, gardening, vacuuming etc., conspire together to cause the slow degeneration of the spinal joints and discs and eventual back pain.

“Unfit Joe,” who sits all day, doesn’t experience the same strain on his back that a gym superstar does by aggravating their disc injuries every time they sit. In terms of pain, their spines are better off! The key is not to stop working out! The secret is in changing your default movement patterns and doing the proper exercises so that you can enjoy the benefits of fitness without compromising your back.